Thursday, November 6, 2003 * TORONTO STAR *
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Geoff Chapman
Intersection (Occdav)
The 10 original compositions on this polished album recorded in March are good to the last drop. The guitarist-leader again recruits super saxist Mike Murley (the pair of them so engaging on their recent CD Duologue) plus resilient bassist Andrew Downing and drummer Terry Clarke, who's at his volatile, push-the-music-forward best. You'd naturally expect elegant playing but there's a sense of urgency, too, not only from the skipping pulse, even within the most serene songs, which keeps the interest and tension high.
It's definitely music for today, streamlined yet atmospheric, with telling unison playing, Occhipinti in definitive mode and Murley burrowing into his inexhaustible supply of ideas. Tunes are clean (but not too clean), often featuring catchy hooks, frisky moments, free form forays and a palette-cleansing lightness, so that a listener hears the rare but gratifying combination of lyricism and cutting edge music. Of particular interest are the opener "Elan Vital", "Homeless (part II)", "Dolce Vita" which blooms with life, the cool ballad "Reason Over Passion" (dedicated to the late Pierre Trudeau) and a swinging Across the earth and Over the Ocean - best of all is the flighty "Parma Parma". The disc is officially released on Monday at the Montreal Bistro.
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